Are you a business owner? Are you interested in this form of search results marketing? If you are into search engine optimisation then there is no time to relax, otherwise you’ll find your competitors are way ahead of you. If you are just starting out, why not try some effective and free Google tools?

You need to be active, to search out and implement the best tools, track your progress and stay in touch with search engine changes. Sometime it may be a free tool, who knows?

Which of These Free Google Tools Could You Use?


1. Google My Business


If you belong to a local company looking to drive business online, then you need to implement a bit more, built around search engine optimisation.

It one of those simple free Google tools that can get you a lot of traffic. A kind of business listing that you can offer the prospective customer with good quality information on your company that includes,

  • Location.
  • Business hours.
  • Contact phone hours.

Creating a Google My Business listing will not guarantee you online traffic but it moves you in the right direction.

google my business

If you create a listing today, you cannot expect your listing to be present the next day as it can take more time to display. For example, you will want to add more photos, as time goes by. You need to generate positive reviews through social media to improve search engine ranking.

This listing is not for all business owners, but it’s one that local companies can be boosted by.


2. Google Trends


This is a free Google tool often overlooked by online marketers; this tool helps you to touch on topics that are most popular.

Exploring featured insights, you can run a search for any topic that comes to your mind.

For example: You have a blog about ‘website design’. It gives a list of current related topics and queries with the latest and greatest in regards to website:



The related topics shown in the left column offer some new ideas for future blog posts. While the right column offers related information to website design.


3. Google Voice


What is the primary goal for SEO on a website?

The answer must be – to drive high quality traffic.

Depending on your business, you may be the type to use phone calls with prospective clients. In this case, you know how vital it is to be always readily available.

Google voice comes into play:

Using this free Google tool, you can bring all the business in line together. It even offers free long distance, simplified voicemail system at competitive prices on all international calls.

What else this tool help you,

  • Share voice mails and read transcriptions online
  • Send text messages directly from your PC
  • Receive calls from any phone
  • Create personalised greetings to customise the caller’s experience

Getting started with your new number or using an existing mobile number

You may not consider this to be a traditional tool. But it’s extremely significant to success of your marketing plan.


4. Google Correlate


When researching keyword you want to go above and beyond and there are tools that help you generate the best results, this tool is one of them.

It uncovers the pattern that corresponds with real world trends. It is a free Google tool that focuses on relevant keyword research.

In other words, it offers keywords that are typically searched together. For example: you can run a search for “muscle gain”.

You can see several keywords based around this topic. This shows you the ones the most closely correspond with the primary keyword. Develop your keyword planner with the help of this tool.

If you have an interest in uncovering the long tail keywords for any subject, this tool will be your dearest friend. Before writing the next blog post, experiment with this tool.


5. Google Sheets


If you are new to SEO and want to have a keen eye on everything that you are doing. Then use Google Sheets for various SEO related tasks, including

  • Tracking the keywords that target in the past, as well as you want to touch on in future
  • Creating a content calendar for the blog
  • You can track the back-links including where they come from

You can also share SEO duties with other people.

For an example: you want to collaborate on the long tail keyword selection. Rather sending lots of emails back and forth, create a Google sheet and share your information. This avoids overlapping work and potential keyword planner mistakes.

The best way is to start with a blank spreadsheet; templates are available to choose from.

You may think this is not a powerful tool for SEO, but this tool is one of the simplest ways to create a huge impact on your business.




It doesn’t matter what you perform in the past or what you hope to achieve in the mere future. I am sure the use of one of these tools will change your approach for the better.

Did you know that 60% of B2B marketers say that SEO has huge impact on lead generation.

If you also feel that way, then this is the time to examine your strategy to make sure it works well.

Have you used any one of these free Google tools, then share your comments here?


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