The Google Tools You Need To Use

Are you a content marketer or a blogger? Want to upgrade your marketing skills?

Well, look no further.

These are 7  free Google tools, that are extremely powerful and are usually overlooked by people writing content.


1. Google Trends


Google Trends offers relevant content ideas and tips for your blogs. By showing you statistics on what is trending, what is popular, what people’s opinions are and all in the form of easy-to-read diagrams.

google trends


2. Google Alerts


On this Google tool you can register to get notified whenever someone mentions your product, brand and company in Google. This is so vital to you as a person in the online community. You can find people who support you and find who exactly your audience are. You can even find people criticising your content. Reach out to them to find out what you can improve on. Your sincerity and efforts may even convert them into a fan!

google alerts


3. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is another one of the free Google tools, you can use to set up this to track your website traffic. You can find out:

  • Where people are coming from.
  • the pages they’re looking at.
  • How much time spending on page.
  • How long they spend on your site.
  • What the bounce rate on your website is and so on.

This Google tool has so many more functions that may be even more useful to you! Try it out and see how it revolutionises your content and the way you are putting it out to people.

With this you can easily understand what motivates your customers to read your content. Which areas of content they dislike and it just provides so much more information to help your content reach the audience that wants it.

google analytics


4. Google Sheets


This tool helps you to record, access, share and many benefits even if you are in outside for business meet. It has a similar function to Microsoft’s excel program.

However it has some important aspects that make it superior to excel:

  • It is stored online in your google drive automatically which you can access wherever you are, whatever device you are on.
  • It is FREE whereas Microsoft Office is £120 (over $150)!
  • You can share access to it and let people view it while you are working on your spreadsheets.
  • Or you could even work on a spreadsheet together at the same time making live edits!

This is one of those Google tools that is way too good and accessible to pass up, start using it now to improve your methods of storing and collecting data.

google sheets


5. Google Keyword Planner


The Google Keyword Planner tool is still one of the most useful tools for its purpose. It is again a free-to-use tool within Adwords. It’s used to generate keyword ideas and bid estimations.

It is a useful resource when you are trying to create a list of strong keywords to get your content out there. It can also be helpful to help your PPC campaign start off in the right direction.

Its simple to be honest Google knows what keywords will work on its own search engine better than anyone else. So why go elsewhere when they are offering you such high quality tools for free?

google adwords


6. Google Search Console


This is one of the best free tools to know about your website health. It is a collection of tools and resources to help website owners. There is so much information to use for improving your websites performance. This is literally Google telling you what they think of your website! Use this valuable data to shape your strategy for growing your audience and boosting your SEO,

google search console


7. Google My Business


This is another free tool to advertise your business effectively if you are a local business owner.

Simple steps to set up the Google My Business, and you’re ready to go. Once done, if someone searches on Google for a phrase related to your business in that area. Your business and its address will be the one of the first things that person is able to see. People will also be able to rate your business which helps boost your SEO score.

google my business


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