Let’s Talk SEO.

SEO it’s easy as pie or it can be a shot in the dark.

At e4k we let our SEO results speak for themselves. For example, my client who was been with me for less than 6 months was finding it difficult to get found on Google. He came to me with a small budget and a prayer.

GRN Motors logo

He sat down with our SEO team. We first asked for keywords he thought best represented his business. We then carried out a thorough analysis of these words and from our findings made suggestions that we believed would provide him with the best results and impact. His company specialises in Volvo cars mechanical and body repairs. The company name is GRN Motors.

One of the terms that he chose was – VOLVO SPECIALIST

Volvo specialist page one

As you can see they actually rank higher than VOLVO dealership specialists. This has provided them with a very high volume of enquiries and this in return has allowed for the business to grow.

So What Did We Do for SEO?

Well it wasn’t a shot in the dark or a prayer. E4k has been established since 2000, we have been involved with SEO for nearly a decade. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to grow as business in the searches and secure a search page ranking that will give your business the edge it needs.

We provide you, the client, with a full monthly report based on your Keywords. This report basically provides a snapshot of how your competitors are ranking, the volume of searches for each keyword and much more. Our team will work on creating back links that are genuine and more importantly provide a pathway to manipulate the robots that rank you to give you the best placing in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Obviously we guide clients to use Social Media to push their ranking higher and in the short term get results. But everything has its limitations and we have more in our arsenal than just using social media to manipulate rankings.

Google have what you may call “Secret Agents” that see what you do, they track you for duplicate content, they look for black hat tactics, they monitor the use of keywords to see if you are spamming content. Alongside this they do a lot more in the background and that’s what makes us at e4K unique.

We never promise to get you first page ranking, first line listing and turn your business around overnight. What we do is work with each client individually to understand their needs by carrying out in-depth analysis. This provides us with a clear understanding of what the needs are.

Our SEO Team is made up of content writers approved by Google, we have SEO Analytical Specialists that monitor and create reports on a monthly basis. They will engage with you to discuss pointers such as bounce rate, time individuals spend on the site and other areas that impact your ranking.

YOU, the Customer, understand the dynamics of your business and we, e4K, understand SEO and how best to proceed. Together we create the best results.

We not only provide a SEO service, we actually SUPPORT YOUR LEARNING OF SEO. In return this helps you to look at SEO for web in a different way and by working together understand what we do to get you ranked.