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PPC is an effective method of advertising online. Which has been proven to have very high returns. You only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad, and you control how much you pay for each click. You decide how much you want to spend each day, week or month.


There are numerous platforms that allow PPC, but the most popular and fruitful; is Google AdWords.


There are also various forms of advertising available through YouTube such as In-Stream and In-Display. All of these channels operate on the same pay-per-click model.


It’s not just Google that offer PPC advertising – Yahoo & Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all offer pay-per-click advertising. Passion Digital manage campaigns across all these platforms.

PPC Strategy & Google Adwords Management

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What Can We Do For You?


SEO-result is reknown for how we work together with our client to get them the results that they want and need. We have a consultation session and listen. To learn all about your business, goals and challenges and plan PPC keywords accordingly. Then analyse the overall SEO of your site, identifying all gaps and possible methods to improve your ranking.


Our PPC experts do an intensive research on selecting the relevant keywords and perform a competitor analysis of your website. We use all of this info from analytics along with your targets to create a bespoke strategy for you.


Why Choose Us?


  1. Your current provider isn’t producing the results your require. Maybe your ROI is lower than you’d like.
  2. Your website is new and is obviously extremely low in the search results. This is a great method to give you a boost and some instant exposure.
  3. We monitor all of our campaigns constantly and check what is working and what isn’t. At SEO-result we understand the need to evolve and change our techniques over time.
  4. We provide a bespoke service for all of our clients. Because you deserve to have a personalised program.
  5. We won’t keep you in the dark. A major part of our process is helping our client understand the process and showing them our analytics.
  6. We are certified experts in Google Adwords.
  7. We offer the whole package. While we offer PPC, we will also provide other methods to help you rank.


If you’d like to see what other services we provide check out our social media services, SEO or video production pages.


We can also create and design a website for you. Check it out here




If you’re interested in our SEO services, please contact us today to benefit from our effective SEO strategy. Call us on 01216666534, fill out a contact form here or email us on sales@e4k.co