How to Use Google’s Crawl Budget to Boost Your Site’s SEO

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What is a crawl budget?

The number of times a search engine bot crawls your website in a specific period is what we call crawl budget. If Googlebot hits your website 10 times a day, then the google crawl budget is approximately 300 a month.

To find website crawl budget, you can use tools such as Google search console, and Bing webmaster.

The crawl budget has two parts,

Crawl rate limit and

Crawl demand

1. Improving site speed

Site speed is a vital element for good SEO and will increase the crawl budget too.

You will get rewarded if your site is performing well in all aspects. And you will get more requests from Googlebot and users.

Image loading speed

Every extra second the images take to load leads to a reduction in page views less customer satisfaction and less conversions. You will also face the risk of Google paying less attention to your site.

Google’s John Mueller says that if a webpage on your website takes over 2 seconds to load, then Google may crawl your website more slowly.

How to Optimize Your Crawl Budget

Declutter your design

This might be a complicated one for some people. Ask this question to yourself: Everyone tries to make their website look great, but will they get the traffic they desire?

Take BuzzFeed, for instance.

image of buzz feed website

This is a trendy website.

The number of hits speak for themselves.

Next, Keep your images compressed.

High clarity images take too much time to load on a website and this can kill the website performance.

Follow the words, will help you to increase your crawl budget and will help google-bot to send more requests. Finally, your website is crawled more often.

2. Watch Out for Crawl Errors

To fix the crawl errors, use the tool on the Google search console. Open it and select the property you want to analyse.

In the sidebar on the left side, click on Crawl.

image of search console

Then click on “Crawl Errors.”

image of crawl errors

You’ll see the Crawl Errors dashboard:

image of crawl error dashboard

If you have a server error, it will look something like this

image of server errors

 3. Clean up your low-value URLs

Low value urls affect a website’s crawling and indexing by Google.

Image of crawl budget

Follow these rules to avoid the low value urls:

First, make sure all your webpages are working fine.

The second one is, avoid duplicate content.

The third one is, avoid too many spaces.

Increase your website popularity

Keep adding fresh content on your website.


Crawl Budget isn’t talked about a lot, but is a core of SEO (search engine optimisation).

It shows you what your domain is contributing to the internet.

There are no shortcuts to increase your crawl budget.

Google always loves and boosts fresh content. Google users want the best and relevant results.

They will increase the crawl budget if you do these things, but if you don’t it will be very hard to increase it.

At end of the day, crawl budget is all about “QUALITY” and that should always be the focus.

Use these effective tips to lift your crawl budget.