In this technological world setting up an e-Commerce sales store is easy. The difficulty is in making money off it. Honestly, not all the businesses are able to provide services or products and at the same time generate desirable sales. Generating new business leads is one way to increase E-Commerce sales.


Upselling and Pairing Products on the Website


Seller encourages the client to spend more than she or he planned, this type of sale is known as an upsell. The term is otherwise known as “add-on-sales”.

A research from Cisco has revealed that seventy eight percent of online shoppers browse the internet to research potential purchases. When they make a purchase, they are aiming to get maximum value for money or other benefits out their decision.

For beginners just follow this – if you have a list of all products that you need to sell, just divide them into 2 categories – expensive and regular or cheap. Tie the better products with regular ones. 5% of customers buy a better product if offered and are prepared to pay a premium sum.


Cross Selling For E-Commerce Sales?


Cross Selling helps existing customers to buy additional products from the store by convincing them that the products are best if used together. Such products belong to a different category altogether. This cross selling gets a 3% conversion rate when used on the checkout page. As a rule the cross-selling product must be at-least 60% cheaper than products added to the cart. For example, if you give a camera add batteries at a low price, customers do not have a second thought about buying both.


Cache Product Descriptions


  • A specific format will always help to attract users to buy the product. Write at least 250 words of appealing and proactive description.
  • Don’t use manufacture’s descriptions, writing your own description gives the highest visits, page views and conversion rates.
  • Use bullet points to engage customers, avoid big block of content.
  • Try to include related keywords in the description.
  • If your product description is extensive then use tabbed content, this helps to reduce the vertical space in the page, while implementing this technique make sure it is seo-friendly and indexed by bots.
  • If your product has genuine reviews incorporate them in the page.


Optimising newsletter sign-ups


Email newsletters help in E-Commerce sales and digital marketers notice how important the email newsletters are to mould the brand’s image and tone. Ensure that the call to action button is differentiated, from the rest of the page. Use some contrasting colors, larger fonts to attract customers.

  • Simplify the form. The goal is to get people to sign up so make it easy and simple.
  • Offer a guarantee – a satisfaction guarantee if money is involved.
  • Use pop-ups forms for email signup
  • Offer an incentive – in the form of free E-book for subscribers or an email or phone consultation. If you are selling paid subscription then offer a free month or a free upgrade to a better plan.
  • Consider using QR codes – These codes are a modern way to engage through smartphone online marketing. The barcodes-like symbols are scanned and then information, including the URL and a web page open directly on the person’s smartphone.


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