The Purpose Of Blogs

Blogs are great way to optimise your website to be found. Alongside the website a Blog allows you to create more content, update content and show your expertise.

Blogs can then easily be sent out to your social media platforms killing 2 birds with one stone and creating back-links for your website. Here I will explain both the purpose of blogs and several tips to get them to your target audience.


Should I Start A Blog?

Now it’s fine saying that blogs help SEO, but what would I put in it? Wouldn’t it take too much time away from my actual work? What is the actual purpose of blogs? Why should I start a blog? Will it be helpful for my business? etc. Here are a few reasons blogging may impact you well:

  • Attract an Audience – Blogs are a great way to put yourself out there personally, as well as helping with SEO. You will attract an audience that is drawn in by both you and your product.
  • Establish Authority – You writing a lengthy and informative blog post every week is amazing, because it shows your audience/ potential customer base that you have extensive knowledge in that area and
  • Create Opportunities – Industry influencers have a high chance of finding your blog. If the quality is good and they like it, this could open many doors for you and they could give you a huge popularity boost.
  • Organize Your Thoughts and Learn – Making a blog is more than a post. It starts a conversation where everyone reading can get their opinion out and discuss it. This can help you grow as they can introduce new aspects you’d never thought of and it can also help you solidify your point of view through debate.
  • Stand Out – This shows that you are a cut above the rest.
    • Not many others can dedicate themselves to make a post on a regular basis.
    • The level of quality and depth will show the reader that you are definitely the real deal whereas with others, they have to depend on guess work.
    • It will make you and your brand much more recognisable than others, since you have a personality and a service you provide in oppose to just another person selling a product.


How To Start A Successful Blog In 2018:

  • Firstly if you prefer not to type or write it out, you can always start a vlog (video blog) and upload it to video sharing sites like Youtube.
  • The title of the blogs should have the keyword within it, so that the audience you are appealing to can find it easily.
  • The keyword should be included at the beginning of the title of  the blog (if this is possible).
  • Keyword within first paragraph of the body of the text.
  • The keyword should read naturally within the page/post. Despite what we’ve been told there is no perfect keyword density. Google will penalise “keyword stuffing” where there is an overuse of a keyword. (Hint read it out loud to someone else and ask if they notice anything unnatural)
  • 300 – 700 words is the optimum length for your blogs. In an article of 300 words, you should mention your search terms 3 to 6 times. Quality links to websites of good repute/authority are good for SEO. E.g. Manufacturer websites.)
  • Use a readability score test such as this to check copy: or if you’re using wordpress install the Yoast SEO plugin which will help you optimise for both readability and SEO.



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