What is Google Adsense?

AdSense is the most convenient way to make additional money for your business through your website. It is a free service presented by Google specifically for publishers to monetise their website content. AdSense is a stepping stone for people who want to earn money online. The main driving force behind the AdSense popularity is the ease in using it because after the initial configuration all you need to do is just sit, and see the money coming into your account. They pay without any delay, and you don’t have to think or worry about being scammed online.

Getting started with AdSense is easy; all you need is a YouTube channel and blog to get approved for an AdSense account. After creating an account, you need to create ads and place the AdSense code on the blog or even on the website using a free plugin. The AdSense comes into play and display ads automatically. When a reader clicks on your ad, you will earn money from it. Once this setup is finished you need to concentrate on the traffic to the blog, and once you receive more traffic then you will get more income.


A Warning to you About Adsense


If you think, this is easy I’ll ask family and friends to click the ads, kindly don’t do it. AdSense is an advanced network that is free to join but they will have a high level of quality checks.

If it detects activities where a publisher is asking you to click an ad or trying to use any illegal methods to get clicks then they will immediately disable the account and you could be blacklisted and find it difficult to start it again.


Where does AdSense make sense?


Don’t throw your ad on every website that you see online. Don’t waste your ads on sites that won’t bring you money. E.g. We can take a tech info website – you offer high level technical advice to people, then there’s a low chance that anyone visits the site will also affect your AdSense. Why?

These people don’t click on these ads, they know about AdSense and they didn’t come to the website for anything but the information you have written on the site. People like these usually search for answers to their problem and then they get out of the website.

Suppose if you have a website that’s more geared towards sales, then this is the site you need to place your ad on as people are more likely to click on your advertisement.


Perfect Places to Insert AdSense


Always the fact the difference between the technology and non-technology website is no technology websites earn money more than technology websites. The reader of technology websites is aware of the advertisement and generally ignore the ads, but if you see on non-technology websites such as astrology, dating websites earn more money with Google ads because of unawareness of the readers.


Before placing the advertisement think about these points


  • Why the readers are there?
  • Advertisement or content is important?
  • Where to keep the ad without hampering the readers reason for visiting and without knocking down the ad.


Before the post


  • Have a look at SEO unleashed, they cleverly placed the ad between posts that does not look like an advertisement but be careful with keywords when you plan to do this.
  • If you care about revenue, then place it between the content
  • Placing at the top of the article header – gives a better Google AdSense CTR


More places to consider


  • Sidebar banner
  • Above the post
  • Sidebar video unit




We hope this article helps you to understand to some extent about the AdSense, and where to place it briskly without annoying the reader. Empty space on the website is better filled with advertisements. Let us know if you have followed this method or if you have any other method just feel free to leave a comment.


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