A Google Ranking Meal.

One pleasant evening, I was talking to my friend who is a successful online entrepreneur. He’s so excited discussing his website’s Google ranking with me. I know ‘Kogel Mogel’ this is an egg-based natively constructed dessert well known in Central Europe but I have no clue about Google ranking? Then my friend started explaining that Google ranking is directly proportional to the increase sales of the product.

Still, I got confused so he said in simple words that if we are doing any business marketing it is one of the main keys to success, marketing online will lead to more customers and more business.

Though, I have a little knowledge about internet and websites, I questioned …

‘How does a customer find my website in the huge Pool of endless web pages on the internet?’

He started telling about the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) before I interrupt he continued,


SEO In Simple Terms…

SEO is an effective marketing technique. Whenever a person enters a query in a search engine it lists out web results that contains the query term. Usually visitors tend to visit websites that are listed on top as they think it is more relevant to the query.

SEO technique which looks at search engines, finds and ranks YOUR site higher than the ENDLESS LIST OF OTHERS in response to a search query and thus helps to get traffic from search engines.

It is not an easy task however e4k specialise in this; first we want to review your website platform and your website should be well designed, with specific font size, quality content, readable size and colour of the font, resolution, responsive design etc. if all the criteria’s matched then Google will rank your website higher. Thus, Google ranking my website gets my business the response I need.


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