Increasing Website Traffic can be Simple

When it comes to the digital world, entrepreneurs often feel the deck is stacked against them. Many don’t have a massive budget like their large competitors. Can’t pay for ads to increase website traffic, nor do they have an army of marketers to employ. This blog gives you some tips to increase the traffic to your business without a massive budget.



One way to attract users is by display advertising, paid search and social media advertising. This builds the brand reputation, and it gets your website in front of people. Adjust your paid channel because it has pros and cons so be careful about the objectives. If you think more traffic to the website also results in more sales, then you will need to target high commercial intent keywords. Competition will be high, but payoffs will be worth it.


Get Social

Social media channels are the top way to promote your content to increase the traffic to your website. Twitter is short and snappy whereas Google+ help your website to show in personalised search results and is effective in the B2B niches. If you are in B2B sector, then you may find great traction with heavy social sites like Pinterest and Instagram.


Target Long-Tail Keywords

It’s time to target long-tail keywords because these keywords inspire readers. Keywords will be 3 or 4 word phrases that are very specific to your service or products.

Customers use high search volume phrases that look to buy the actual product. The long tail keywords are more focused and specialised words in any niche, easier to monetise as people specifically search these keyword terms.


On-Page SEO

Optimising the content for search engines is still a worthwhile process and practice. Create internal links, image alt tags, meta tags as these always play a major role in ranking your keywords on the 1st page of the search engines.



Use a professional looking blog design. The content is always king. 2 blogs per week will really increase the traffic to your website. It is possible to get a 300 percent increase in traffic by doing this over a 1-2 month period.


Promoting Blogs on Facebook

Create a campaign that constantly runs your featured blog posts towards your customers and remarketing audiences. Use short quotes on your blog along with a clickable image and share other people’s blog content.


Consider Email Marketing

It is one of the most powerful tools, a successful email blast results in a significant increase in the traffic. Just be careful when sending emails to people, don’t send relentless emails about every single update in your business. If people are already enjoying your services or products, a friendly email reminder about your new launch can help to boost the website traffic.


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