5 Evergreen Link Building Tactics that Will Never Go Out of Style

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What is Link Building?

Link Building – A process of collecting links for your website from other external web pages.

In the year 2015, according to Moz, link building accounted for 14.83% of all search ranking factors. Since then the number has increased to 17.31% in 2017.

Usually, the more backlinks you have, the better your position improved in search results. The average number of backlinks to reach the number 1 position in the search engine results page is 35,000!

It takes time and smart work to earn this many links.

Even if your website ranks 3rd position in Google, if you want to move from 3rd to 1st spot you need thousands of clicks.

A high CTR means a more high-value traffic from real visitors to boost your company, thus help you to achieve your goals.

Here are some tactics you can follow that will always work:


1. Spend Some Time on Broken Links


This is a technique that will always be a successful.

Broken links are no longer available; when you navigate to a broken link you will see a 404 broken link page,

Image of 404 page

Webmasters search for ways to identify and repair broken links because they don’t work well for boosting UX (User Experience).

No one wants to click on more information only to have it redirect to a dead page.

Find a website in your niche or related to your industry, find broken links on the website, and reach out to website’s webmaster to notify them of the dead links.

Ask them to link to your website – in return for your help.

An inappropriate direct link to the sales page is not a good idea.

Find broken links using the tool Power Mapper.


2. Perform Outreach


A great chance to collect backlinks is using influencers. This is amazing for link building, since your link will be on a strong site.

Where to start?

Performing outreach is collecting opinions or stories for an article.

For ex: If you want to write a post about book recommendations from content marketers, reach out to influential content marketers and ask their opinions. Then link their websites or social media, and just use their short quotes.

Most of them will be interested in responding if they know that they will be getting a backlink from you for their website.

What will they do? – They will share your article in their social media to pull in a bigger audience.

If you are not able to find influential people, then try using Followerwonk tool.

You can also use BuzzSumo to identify potential influencers.


3. Forums


A true steady community for link building is Forums.

A way to build referral traffic is by using forums because people involved in forums, ask questions, post their suggestions, and communicate with each other.

Forums also give a place for your followers to share and discuss topics with each other.

Create a space on your website, which allow active communities to flourish and make sure links to related forums and blogs.

Enable comments section, so that users are able to share their own suggestions.

Engage with your visitors, so that they won’t forget your website and will share with their friends.

Share your own links on social media to boost visits.


4. Quality Content


Content is your highest priority. A good link building strategy, must always start with perfect written content.

Create high quality blog posts on your industry related topic that will attract customers.

If you write something interesting and valuable, people will always have an eye on them.

Pay attention to inform and add in enough context to elaborate on the topic – then people tend to share your information more.

Don’t stuff keywords it won’t make sense. If you do this, then people will give it less credibility. Keep focusing on readability.

According to Marketing Prof’s – Average length of blog posts in 2017 is 1142 words.

For original content ideas try – Answerthepublic tool

You can try a questionnaire in the website to make sure what kind of content users are interested in seeing from you.


5. Power of Social Media


Social media impacts search rankings, the links are generated from Facebook posts or tweets perform better on SERPs.

The more tweets that a link gets, for example, the higher the position it holds.

Don’t just focus on basics.

Just try to get some traction on a website like Reddit. Statista research shows Reddit has over 1.5 billion mobile and desktop visitors every month.

You reach a high volume audience on a platform like Reddit with a post that links back to your website. Then users amplify your website quickly.

Sharing your content on social media is a great tactic because Google directly uses these signals for rankings. Why not try running a competition that engages your audience and helps to boost the links going back to your website.




A perfect link-building strategy will start with writing top-notch content.

Just lengthen your blog posts, and don’t stuff your keywords.

Final words – track all your backlinks so that you come to know what is going on with you and your competitor’s strategies.



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